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Our Products

Georden Designs offers three different types of products that range from based on needs and budget styles. Our product offering is our Catalogue semi-custom orders, our Standard custom orders, and our Elite custom orders. 

Our Catalogue orders are a monthly collection of curated designs as made-to-order costumes. On the 2nd of eash month, you will have the opportunity to purchase a catalog costume based on the designs that have dropped for that month. All catalog orders are first come first serve and will take 10 weeks to produce. There are no custom measurements offered on this product, just simply generic sizing. As standard with all of our orders, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking once you order is complete and has shipped. 

Our standard custom orders are very familiar to you as they are our flagship product. You have more customization with this product compared to Catalogue in offering you specific custom measurements, initial design sketch (unless a past remake), countless color options, and photo and viideo of finished product.

What's Included:
Photo Update as Your Costume is Being Created
Custom Georden Designs Garment Bag
Limited Color Options
Limited Sizing
Custom Measurements
Digital Design Sketch
Countless Color Options
Custom Applique Hairpiece
Photos & Video of Finished Costume Before Shipping
Personal Concierge Contact for the Entire Process
One-on-One Design Consulation Call with Georden
Personalized Guided Measurement Call with Georden
Status Updates On Each Step of the Design Process


  • Catalogue orders begin in $150 and increase bases on design and sizing. 

  • Custom orders start at $250, at which the starting price includes heavy embellishing, and go up depending on design intricacy and appliqué/embellishing level.

  • Elite Custom orders begin at $350, at which the starting price includes heavy embellishing, and go up depending on design intricacy and appliqué/embellishing level.

  • If you are ordering a past remake/design, please note that the final costume may differ slightly due to the custom nature of my work. A digital design sketch will not be provided for remakes. 

  • A detailed price quote will be given after your design/measurement form is submitted. If you have a budget, please let me know when submitting your form, and we will work this into your design. 

General Information

  • All reservations require a $125 for Standard Custom Booking and $175 Elite Custom Booking Non-Refundable deposit to secure your selected Custom order and ship date (based on availability). 

  • All sales are final. Returns are not accepted on costumes. 

  • We will not copy designs from other designers. I understand that you might see a costume from another costume designer that you are in love with, but please understand that out of respect for the creativity of both others and Georden Designs, we will never copy. We can definitely take inspiration from pictures or designs you may like, but it will always be done in our own style. 

  • We do not do base only costumes.

  • We can remake any previous designs of ours that you may see on social media, but keep in mind that all appliqué/stonework will slightly vary. nothing can be 100% replicated due to the custom nature of our work. We will also not provide a digital design sketch for remakes. 

  • All communication regarding your order is to be had through our via email at

  • Balances MUST BE PAID within 2 weeks of receiving your final invoice, otherwise deposit and costume is forfeited.

  • Costumes will not ship until final balance is paid.

  • We are not responsible for shipping delays caused by shipping carries. We will always provide your tracking number of your shipment. 


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